Follow-up to the Week’s Excitement

Athena has already updated you all on the, uh, exciting events of her week, so I don’t need to go over that again, but I did want to check in to thank the folks who checked in with me or Krissy to see how we were doing in the wake of Athena’s unexpected medical emergency. The short version is that we’re fine; the crisis was over fairly quickly and Athena is well out of danger now, so everything is more or less back to normal. It wasn’t fun, but it was brief, and in a situation like this, that’s kind of the best case scenario.

The slightly less short version is that it disrupted things here for a few days, as it would. When I was told about it, it was front loaded with “she’s okay and not in danger,” so I didn’t have any moments of panic. However, okay or not, my daughter was having an unexpected stay in the hospital, and Krissy — who did not get “she’s okay” front loaded to her when someone came out to talk to her and therefore basically had the world drop out under her feet for a few terrible minutes — had a bit of shock handed to her. So my immediate task was being support for both of them as needed. So, yeah. No writing done since Tuesday. I’ll pick it up next week.

It affected me in a tangential way as well: I had my first travel in 15 months planned for Thursday, and naturally that had to be cancelled so I could properly tend to family matters here at home. That I would cancel the trip wasn’t in question — as soon as I knew Athena was having a hospital stay I knew I’d be staying at home — and I don’t have any regrets having done so. But it did put me in a bit of a pissy mood anyway. I was going to see (equally vaccinated) friends for the first time in a year! And then suddenly I wasn’t. It was like being promised a pie and having it splat on the ground as you reach for it. I’ll reschedule, mind you, and again, I was (and am) where I needed to be. But it was still disappointing.

Again, thanks to everyone for checking in on us in the aftermath. We are fine! And also, it’s nice to know people were concerned and care about us (and Athena in particular). It was a silver lining on a dramatic week.

— JS

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  1. Wishing Athena— and the entire family— a speedy, continued recovery.

  2. Glad to hear the entire Scalzi family is recovering from the ordeal. I missed the original tweet and post and had to go back and catch up and it sounds like just a horrific situation for everyone involved. I’m glad it wasn’t worse and glad that Athena is home and enjoying her ice cream now!

  3. John, as a fellow parent of someone Athena’s age, I think I have some idea how scary this must’ve been for you & Krissy, so I’m glad that it’s worked out okay.

    Nice job on the dog poo story that we always knew was yours. It’s a good warning of the inevitable future for those of us rich enough to think that they’re immune to the current winnowing out of the Poor & Unworthy minimum-waged who’re being replaced by automation.

  4. I’m so glad Athena was okay and it was brief. She’s a brave young woman, so calm and good-natured after a scare like that. But then, she named after one of the strongest goddesses in the all human mythology. :-)

    I remember that feeling of the world dropping out from under your feet from the first time my daughter, at age one, had a fever convulsion and turned blue while I was holding her in my arms. For a few moments there, I went into absolute agony. Please give my very best regards to Athena, and also to Krissy, who had to endure those horrible moments.

  5. You did the only thing a good father would do – stay and support his family. As I said to Athena, I hope the kitties have done their duties to help nurse her back to health. It’s part of their contract.

  6. Since it all went to spam for some reason, I didn’t see the saga until recently. Glad all is well. As I said to Athena, when I had my tonsils out, all the other kids got ice cream. My doctor prescribed orange juice. Think of that acid…. So if she’s getting buttered noodles, she wins.

  7. Wishing you all lots less excitement in the coming weeks (I’m so sorry for your missed trip–I totally get the “of course I’ll cancel but THE UNIVERSE PROMISED ME A COOKIE” feeling).

    This is one of the downsides of parenthood–the sudden Something Bad combined with helplessness. You and Krissy be extra choice of yourself for a few days–this wasn’t just a shock to Athena’s system.

  8. Athena is recovering, but might have died. I am glad the hospital succeeded, but I have personal experience of “the operation succeeded, but the patient didn’t.” Hugs to the entire family (and more pudding to Athena).

  9. So glad Athena’s ok, but I’m so sorry she went through such a scary traumatic episode. Sending especial warm wishes to Krissy, for going through the “OMG, how did my daughter end up in a medical emergency from a tonsillectomy, OMG!” minutes that feel like an eternity. Parenting is not for the faint of heart!

  10. I’m glad to hear Athena’s okay – her version of events was nightmarish!

    I’m sorry Krissy had to undergo the shock, but glad you’re all back at home again. (Athena’s post explained why we got several days of vamping cat and dog pictures….)

  11. Sometimes these things are more traumatic for the family (especially when they aren’t explained well). For the patient, they’re in the middle of it so it’s mostly a fact they can’t ignore, but for the family it can be more stressful if they’re not in the room and seeing the care being given. The monster we can’t see being more terrifying than the monster exposed. And I’m very glad the ending turned out well.

  12. Hope you all have a calm and soothing weekend. Well, Charlie will be excited, I’m sure, but she’s a puppy.

  13. Like many, I worried when we didn’t hear from anyone, but I’m glad to know that all is well. :)

  14. Hey, she gets the (rueful) last laugh — turns out she was right to be so anxious!

  15. Glad everything is okay and wishing Athena a very speedy recovery! I can relate to the experience both as someone who has had unexpected hospital complications, and as a parent whose children seem determined to keep giving me gray hairs even as they keep trucking through their twenties.

    As others have said, be kind to yourself and allow your inner toddler to kick a few tires. Reschedule the trip as soon as you can so it doesn’t keep getting pushed back by other events (not that I’m an expert in that or anything…..).

  16. Kind of makes it feel like we were all a little too, “It’ll be fine” to her pre-surgery post.

    Wishing less drama for everyone now.
    Or as we say over on Breaking Cat News, “Purrs and head bumps.”

  17. I’m sure you both had quite a scare. We kids do tend to give our parents grey hairs. I hope you all are doing better after the unexpected excitement.

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