Excuse Me, Have You Been Judged By a Cat Today?

Sugar, looking very judgy, indeed.

If the answer is “no,” then you’re in luck, Sugar is here to judge you. Harshly. You’re welcome.

I nearly forgot to update today but then remembered I didn’t update last Wednesday either, and that was because my daughter had an unexpected medical complication that ended up with her staying overnight in a hospital. I didn’t want any of you to worry that a midweek non-update heralded something similarly grim. Everything’s fine!

Well, except Sugar is very clearly disappointed in you. But really, that’s on you, isn’t it.

— JS

22 Comments on “Excuse Me, Have You Been Judged By a Cat Today?”

  1. I get judged by a cat several times a day. Does she want to sleep in my lap? Will she run away when I cough/sneeze? Will she snuggle up to me when I sleep? Will she be there when I wake up?

    She’s a cat. A pretty cool cat, but nowhere close to the best cat I’ve owned in the past 55+ years (RIP Ripley, 30 years later you’re still missed).

  2. I took our cat to the vet today. I was judged. I am continuing to be judged. I will sleep with one eye open tonight.

  3. Are you sure it is me she is judging? Maybe it is you and she is just letting the world know intense disappointment. I have my own cat to be displeased with me. :)

  4. Geez, Sugar! I thought #SamSam was bad enough judging me at 2am but this is some pretty severe judgment! I feel thoroughly judged!

  5. I get judged every day by a cat who may have gone to the Miette School For Human Judging.

  6. I’ve been judged by a cat and found wanting.
    Oh well, I should be used to it by now.

  7. Thanks for the judgmental eye, Sugar. Lost my furry court justice to cancer a month back. Never knew how much I’d miss being constantly on trial.

  8. Every day, from three different cat perspectives. Most days eight or more such beasts sit in judgement of me.

    While my neighbor is on vacation it is twelve.

    Sorry Sugar.

  9. I get judged harshly and am usually found lacking by my bêtes noires, Nyxzptlk and Peem, until I am sitting with my legs up and “their” blanky on my knees. Then I am the Queen of All that is Great. I just love my kee-kees.

  10. I think deep down she knows she’s only doing this to make us the better people she knows we can be. I can see it with the very slight hint of amusement around that left eye.

  11. Yes, I have been judged today. Some have found me wanting, and turned tail after breakfast to return to their (my) bed for their morning naps. Others found me worthy enough to warm my lap and purr. Or, at least to ensure the stupid human will continue to feed the tribe.

  12. My own sweet disapproving kitty passed away a couple of weeks ago. I miss her dearly and look forward to the day I have another tiny malcontent judging me again.

    In the meantime, Sugar is an excellent substitute.

  13. Sugar is making the same face that I make when I realize I should have left this bar two hours ago

  14. Thank you Sugar
    had my first review at my new job and it went better than I had anticipated in several good ways.

    So I feel being judged helped

  15. I had to bathe my cat this evening. Judgement would be an improvement in the mood.

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