A Baked Good Of Mine Actually Turned Out!

Athena ScalziOne of my favorite food bloggers posted a recipe for cookies recently, and they looked so incredibly delicious I was persuaded to click on it. It was a recipe for ginger sandwich cookies. As someone who likes gingersnaps, I was intrigued. It was even more intriguing, though, to find out that these were soft ginger cookies (unlike gingersnaps, which if you haven’t had them, are much harder), and the filling is not just regular ol’ buttercream frosting, but marshmallow fluff buttercream.

Needless to say, I was totally sold on making these cookies.

(Image courtesy of I Am Baker)

Gathering the ingredients for them was surprisingly easy, as there’s not really many ingredients that stand out as one of those, “oh I definitely need to go to the store for that”. I had most of what’s listed already on hand. The only items I needed to buy were almond extract, a jar of marshmallow fluff, and butter, but that’s only because I was out, not because it’s an uncommon ingredient that I don’t usually have on hand.

As if the ingredients weren’t simple enough, throwing these together was a total breeze, which is something I really appreciate in a recipe. I hate when there are a ton of steps, and they’re all complicated, and there’s so much that I could mess up. These cookies were without a doubt some of the easiest I’ve ever made, despite how impressive they look!

I had absolutely no hitches with this recipe, nothing that I messed up on and had to fix. This is in part because instead of setting my oven to 350, I tried baking these cookies at 340 (if you missed my last culinary adventure, turns out my oven gets too hot and that’s why I kept overcooking everything). 340 ended up being the perfect number, and the cookies came out amazing.

After whipping up the frosting, I just spread some on the underside of the cookies and smushed another one on top, making the perfect little sandwiches. Let me tell you now, these are pretty damn rich. Between the super sweet marshmallowy frosting and the two sugar coated cookies, it’s a lot, but it’s absolutely delicious!

Usually when I make cookies, I get more or less than the yield that the recipe says. For these, it says it’ll make 12 sandwiches, and it was literally right on the money! I managed to perfectly get 24 evenly sized balls of dough (despite having snuck a bite of dough while mixing everything). The only problem (and I wouldn’t even actually call it a problem) is that I had SO much frosting left over. I generously applied frosting to each cookie sandwich, but still had a big bowl leftover.

So I just made another batch of cookies and used the frosting for those! If you make these, you could absolutely half the frosting recipe and have a perfect amount for one batch.

I was going to take pictures, but they were gone before I got around to it. However, they came out looking exactly like the photo in the post, so just know that the pictures shown are accurate representations of what you can expect to get when you make them.

Overall, I highly highly recommend making these cookies! You will not regret it, they are delicious, easy, and look so pretty! These are honestly some of the best things I’ve ever made, and I can guarantee they’ll be a hit with whoever you share them with.

Do you like ginger snaps? Do you like marshmallow fluff as much as me? Let me know if you try your hand at making these, and have a great day!


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  1. Oooh! Those look good!

    I made molasses ginger cookies last Christmas and just smushed them together with some marshmallow fluff out of the jar and they were good.

    This recipe looks like it takes that to 11! I’ll have to keep it in mind for Christmas cookie season.

  2. I’m so glad you’ve gotten a handle on your oven’s temperature glitch! And congrats on the delicious cookies!

  3. Those look and sound delicious! Shame on you for linking to such a fabulous site-there are treat for days.

  4. Glad you’re getting the range on your oven. The cookies look fantastic, but sugar is my kryptonite. I love it, but too much will kill me.

  5. Looks nice, and easy to eat. Makes me think of a gingernut log, which is the way more decadent version of this as a dessert. Not just cream in the middle, but smothered in it as well.

  6. Re the oven temperature: one of my favorite cookbooks – “Cooking for Geeks” – had a procedure for calibrating your oven, using just a few spoonfuls of sugar.

  7. Hooray for success! I love ginger cookies but I prefer crispy and would probably skip the marshmallow fluff – that falls into the “I’d have to go buy it specially” category.

  8. I DO love gingersnaps and I DO love marshmallow fluff! I do not, however, love baking, so we’ll see. But I’m definitely at least going to bookmark the recipe; maybe I’ll try it some time!

  9. If you really want to step those up a level, fill them with a super lemony lemon curd/frosting mix.

  10. This sounds like a cookie I could find the energy to bake. I love marshmallow and ginger!

  11. Yummmmm.

    So tempting to print the recipe up and try to make it some day. Unfortunately, given medical issues in the household, I’ll just have to enjoy with my eyes.

  12. Thank you for pushing that screenshot of Chris Elliott off the top of the front page and substituting delicious-looking cookies!

  13. Looks great. My fav cookies are either Trail Mix, which is basically just enough cookie dough to hold all the nuts, seeds, and dried fruit together, or Chocolate chip pecans, which are to die for.

    The lemon curd suggestion just above sounds great, plain marshmallow is really kinda boring, just sweet goo, the lemon curd would jazz up the flavor right off the scale!!

    My Thermador range/oven runs a little too cool, so now I run temps 25 degrees higher than the recipe calls for, or put the Convection Oven setting on, which also helps speed things up. Not complaining, it’s a great gas range, but like all kitchen things. you need to learn the details on how it runs.

    Elevation / altitude makes a big difference too, out west in AZ we’re at nearly 6,000 feet and have to make allowances for that. Not an issue here in the low hills of SW WVa.

  14. I am really trying to get sugar out of my diet and you are not helping.

    These do look really good though, and the fact that they were gone before you got pictures (2 batches is a dozen cookies, must’ve been quite a feeding frenzy!) is an excellent recommendation.

  15. Those look and sound delicious.

    In case you didn’t know, they make thermometers for you oven, that you just hang from one of the racks and can leave in there permanently. It’s good when your oven is a little fritzy, because 10 degrees off at 350 may be different at a different set point.

  16. For your cookie recipes, I highly recommend Mrs. Fields cookbook.
    A standard method is to cook the dough at a low temperature for longer. This leaves the cookies soft for several days.
    To further expand your baking range, I highly recommend “King Arthur’s Flour Bakers Companion. The butterscotch blondie, with a vanilla bean ice cream topped with hot pecans is a indulgent pleasure.
    The classic “The Joy of Cooking” has 1,000s of recipes covering meats, fishes, duck, venison, vegetables, breads. Very difficult to go wrong.

  17. Congratulations. The more you bake/cook the better you will become. Glad these turned out for you.

  18. Not enough ginger! Try adding another 2 or 3 tsp ground ginger or minced ginger. Also 1/4 cup or so of candied ginger chips.

    Good recipe, just needs to have a more potent ginger bite!

    Did I mention that I like ginger?

  19. Oh boy, this is a tough one! Do I just do the original recipe with the marshmallow buttercream because I love almond flavor? Or do I mess with it a little and make a cream cheese frosting for my filling because cream cheese frosting and any kind of ginger baked good is the best combination ever? I’m intrigued by the fluff too. I’m not a hide marshmallow person but it seems like a potentially interesting texture/sweetness ingredient when combined with the other things. (And I love Rice Krispie treats, which also combine marshmallows with copious amounts of butter.)

    Decisions, decisions…

  20. Also…if you’re eating cookies, your throat must be better. I’m very glad for you. :D

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