Smudge and Charlie, 5/25/21

Just in case you were wondering what was up with them.

Smudge, reclining.
Charlie, in the yard.

There, now you’re all caught up.

— JS

8 Comments on “Smudge and Charlie, 5/25/21”

  1. Disappointed. Headline was all I could see initially and I thought I was going to get a picture of them together or at least in proximity of each other.

  2. That cat is looking judgemental. So all is normal them.

    BTW does Smudge have any odd eating habits? Is he fond of scones for example?

  3. Catching us all up with Smudge and Charlie just puts us further behind with Sugar, Spice, and the all-important Zeus. Also [confused frown] weren’t there some humans in the mix…?

  4. Also, also, that blue pig Charlie keeps stealing on twitter–in her defense mumble mumble entrapment!

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