Daily Archives: May 26, 2021

A Review And A Celebration

When I was younger, I read books like I would keel over and die if I ever stopped. When I say I was an avid reader, I mean I was back to back reading series after series, novel after novel, cranking ’em out like nobody’s business. And then, when I was sixteen, I got a […]

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The Unmasking Proceeds Apace

Here in Bradford, the local IGA, the Dollar General and the Rich gas station have taken down their “mask required” signs, and the staff in each have likewise demasked. At the Dollar General, there is a new sign saying that vaccinated people could come in unmasked but than non-vaccinated people should still be masked up […]

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The Big Idea: David Ebenbach

Blast off as author David Ebenbach embarks on his Big Idea by stressing one concept that helped him write How to Mars — It involves characters, and ideas, and the relative importance of each. DAVID EBENBACH:  Can I admit that ideas make me nervous? Especially big ones? This isn’t to say that my fiction avoids ideas—my […]

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