New Books and ARCs, 5/28/21

We’re heading into the traditional “start of summer” this weekend (at least in the US), and what better way to start a long, lazy season than with a double stack of new books and ARCs? What here is calling to be your favorite read of the summer? Tell us in the comments.

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  1. Oh I didn’t notice Tales from the Folly. Cool! I read an eArc of The All-Consuming World and it was very good, lots of poetic violence and weird AI factions…in SPAACE.
    and I second the re-read of Harrow the Ninth idea.

  2. They all look interesting, but I’m reading a couple of Robert Westall collections right now: “Antique Dust” and “Shadows of War.” Great stuff!

  3. The All-Consuming World by Cassandra Khaw — I’ve enjoyed her short fiction.. curious to see something longer.

  4. With regard to the edition of Middlegame in the pile, I just checked the Subterranean press site, and the $600 version is sold out, but the rather similar $125 edition is available.

    I enjoyed the book when it came out.

  5. Harrow the Ninth. That series is so freakin’ good. I might have to go back to them for a re-read.

  6. Totally craving cracking open “Hold Up the Sky” by Cixin Liu. I discovered him via “Ball Lightning” which led me to purchase and read every one of his books available to me and other English only readers.
    His books are masterful. Science, speculation and social commentary flavor his delicious storytelling.

  7. @ Joanne

    My! I hadn’t realized – or far more likely, I’d managed to forget – that that is a Cixin Liu anthology.
    Glad to have that pointed out. Another S.P. special edition I see.

    Now I find I had an email from the original release date with a link to some comments by the translators at

    I’m always interested to hear what translators have to say. It’s a tricky business.

  8. I really enjoy the 1632 Universe. And I see Weber’s nod to Heinlein. Good times behind and ahead.

  9. Tamsyn Muir has been on my to-be-read list for a while now. I always enjoy Ben Aaronovitch’s books but haven’t read this one yet.

  10. Quite the stack there. Been looking forward to Breaking Silence, hope the audio version comes out soon.

  11. Currently reading Aaronvitch‘s books. Only at book two, but any new addition to the series is welcome!

  12. I just finished “Of Metal & Magic,” the fifth book of the “The Majicsmith” series by J. R. Braden. It’s a good, action- and complication-packed fantasy series that I burned through in a little over a week (I can’t read as fast as I used to). Moral quandaries? Uncertain allegiances and loyalties? Evil characters (or are they really evil?) from the different realms? Love interests but very light on explicitness (for which I am thankful)? Yes to all of that, and of course more.

    I’m putting off re-reading the Harrow books until a time closer to the release of the third book in the series.

    I quit reading Kobold’s “Domesticating Dragons” a little more than half way through. There were too many contrived plot points and discoveries of things the main character had “forgotten,” then managed to remember or find at a point necessary to move things along. Plus, coming from an information security background as I am, I have trouble with obvious oversights relating to computer security systems, of which there are plenty in this book.

    I’m probably going to put Cixin Liu’s “Holding Up the Sky” in my wish list. I enjoyed the Three-Body trilogy, and have read with pleasure a couple of collections of Chinese sci-fi edited by Ken Liu. But right now I have scores and scores of unread books, most of which I probably bought because I intended to read them! So, somewhat regretfully, I’m going to put “Holding Up the Sky” on the back burner.

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