Here, My Deer

Or, when you think it’s the neighbor dog in the yard, but it’s not.

— JS

10 Comments on “Here, My Deer”

  1. “I’m here to talk to you about the toys that Charlie keeps taking from my canine friend next door.”

  2. Auditioning for Bambi, the live-action remake, I’m sure.

    The video in the URL attached to this comment features a recent encounter with some deer (at the end). I think the one might be making a statement.

  3. Does are dropping fawns right now. They need to eat a lot so they can produce enough milk to nurse several times a day. They become less crepuscular so you might see them at all hours.

  4. I’m not going to buck the trend of commenting on a lovely picture. I’ll just fawn over the grass-eating baby in your yard. Deer me, such awful puns.

    Just call me Rapunzel.

  5. I’m usually alerted to the presence of deer in the park across the street by my dogs going nuts. There’s at least 1 doe that comes down to right by my fence line, apparently just to taunt them.

    Once a doe (maybe the same one) came pretty close to where my son and I were fencing in that park of an evening, just to watch. It’s possible that this was a human activity that deer could relate to.

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