Memorial Day 2021

May it be a happy and contemplative one for you. Congratulations, we made it to summer.

— JS

6 Comments on “Memorial Day 2021”

  1. cupertino jay – Decades retired internet mouse potato; unrepentant Cal-Berkeley golden bears sports fan; best times were (notice Past tense) backpacking thousands of miles a little bit at a time in John Muir's high holy california Range of Light. Reading waay too much science fiction starting back in the swingin' 50s. ^ JossWhedon /NathanFillion /NeilPatrickHarris /FeliciaDay's 42min instant classic "Dr Horrible's Singalong Blog" (2008)
    cupertino jay

    Congratulations, we made it to summer.

    and thanks for Memorable service.

  2. We did make it into summer. In ordinary times, this would have been Phoenix Comicon weekend….

    I finally gave in today and turned the house A/C on.
    Almost made it thru May. That giant-flying-sky-oven is squarely into “bake mode” now:

    (Phoenix forecast temps for this week):

  3. Thank you for your voice of reason, of outrage, of telling it like it is. It was very much appreciated.

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