State of the Scalzi, June 1, 2021

It may not have escaped your notice that I’m mostly posting pet pics and short bits recently. It’s because a) I’m writing the third Dispatcher novella at the moment so most of my brain is going there, b) I’m also busy away from the computer putting together a home music studio. Also c) other stuff I can’t talk about yet but which is cool, so that’s nice. Basically, I’m busy in the real world, which happens from time to time.

Also, somewhat related, until Dispatcher 3 is done, at least, I’m mostly avoiding news until later in the evening, when work is done and also my brain is, like, dude, I can’t be arsed to write about that bullshit right now, just play your damn guitar. And then I do! A much better use of my time, generally speaking. I’m snarking about the occasional news tidbit on Twitter, however, so if you absolutely must know what bits of politics get past me these days, head over there. But honestly for the moment I’m fine letting other people handle the political heavy lifting.

Also also, I’m expecting a delivery this week of a musical instrument with a steep learning curve, and once it arrives my plan is basically to disappear into my basement with it for a while (uhhhhh, after I get my required writing done for the day). I don’t expect I will disappear completely, but it’s possible I might. Hobbies, folks. They will suck your brain right out from under you.

For all of that, you should know I’m generally feeling pretty darn happy these days. My relative absence is not due to crankiness or exasperation, but mostly because I am doing other things that bring me a bit of joy. This is very definitely a change from, say, most of 2020. I’m enjoying the change.

— JS

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  1. Ah, my lovely! so happy for you!… Writing, music, other cool stuff, it’s wonderful!… My screenplay is done, and I actually went outside yesterday. Plan to do so again tomorrow… Though I’m still enchanted with Instagram (sort of a visual person, anyway), can’t seem to find the time (or interest) to wander over to Facebook, and with very few exceptions, Twitterers have shown themselves to be, well, silly little twitterers… Can’t wait for the new novel, and hope you’ll continue to post sunsets and kitties… Thanks for your presence here. Have a great night!

  2. Well, that’s pretty cool, after the way 2020 treated you. I’m glad that you’re writing and making music and I hope you have a great time with Steep Learning Curve.

  3. JS, your writing has brought all of US considerable joy! Also made us think. Perhaps cry, albeit in a good way.

    By all means, write, make music, cuddle pets, take pictures – do all the things that feed your soul.

  4. I don’t know who said this:
    The way to have joy is to recognize joy.

    I’m getting better at that and I’m so happy that you recognize your joy!

  5. “I’m expecting a delivery this week of a musical instrument with a steep learning curve”

    Enjoy your antagonistic undecagonstring, and I hope you’re able to grow the two extra arms needed to play it without too much hassle.

  6. 2021 was supposed to be so much better but I’ve lost 5 people to date. Including my best friend. My grief circuits are shorted out. 2021 can already crawl into the same shit-pit as 2020 did.

  7. As I re-enter the world it seems both strange and yet as if nothing has changed and the past 15 months never occurred. I liken it to visiting somewhere I used to live a decade after I had left where on the surface things look the same, until you realize they’re not and there have been large changes.

  8. Shelley Belsky, I don’t know – that thing makes Scalzi’s 40-string (yes, I counted) guitar look easy to play by comparison!

  9. I too am cutting the news off more quickly and have put a call in to the piano tuner. I look forward to learning what the new instrument is.

  10. If you’re getting bagpipes, it’s your family who face a steep learning curve!

  11. As a part time recording engineer and live sound engineer I am very very curious about the home recording studio setup!!!!

  12. Where did you find an antagonistic undecagonstring?

    Studio advice: Measure and then treat your room. Other than you, the room is the most important part of any recording effort. The finest mics and pre-amps in the universe, when placed in a shitty space, will only give you a high fidelity recording of a shitty space.

  13. Is it an accordion?
    Please tell me it’s an accordion and you’ll be doing a show at Dragon Con with Weird Al!

  14. Glad to see that you are doing things you enjoy! That is partly selfish, because when you are enjoying writing, I know there will be something for me to enjoy as well.

  15. Nice use of the term “can’t be arsed” John, it’s a good, but rare sight to see those from the US using UK phrases and words instead of us using yours. Good luck with the novel and music, looking forward to hearing both.

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