Daily Archives: June 2, 2021

A Girl and Her Log

And yes, she made pretty short work of it, too. Charlie is still a puppy, the world is meant to be chewed upon. Better a small log from the yard than, say, a leg of the dining room table. — JS

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The Big Idea: Veronica G. Henry

Behind every good villain is a great henchman. Yet, we never seem to hear much about these evil sidekicks. Author Veronica G. Henry decided to tackle this problem herself in her newest novel, Bacchanal. Discover what being a villain’s minion is all about in her Big Idea. VERONICA G. HENRY: Heroes? Every book, film, and fireside […]

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A Making Of Featurette For Love Death + Robots Volume 2

Nice things are said about me starting at 2:58, followed by an amusing visual juxtaposition. — JS

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