A Girl and Her Log

Charlie in the yard, chewing up a large, log-like branch.

And yes, she made pretty short work of it, too. Charlie is still a puppy, the world is meant to be chewed upon. Better a small log from the yard than, say, a leg of the dining room table.

— JS

18 Comments on “A Girl and Her Log”

  1. Sometimes the best part of the day is seeing a happy dog with her log.

  2. Oh good. When I first saw the headline, I read it as “A Girl and Her Leg” and I thought, what has she gotten into now?

  3. Sweet! Although I have to admit I did a double take on the title! 🤭 Our miniature schnauzer is more interested in in eating cicadas than gnawing on a stick right now. Ugh!

  4. Caught out by seeing the headline before the picture again. Typo in the headline? That’s not like John. Scrolls down, oh!

  5. Log Lady!!!…..
    Has Charlie shown any signs of psychic visions?

  6. When I just saw the headline, my mind jumped to it was going to be some sort of announcement about Athena and her writing, conflating ‘log’ w/ ‘blog’

    I was surprised to see a canine w/ a piece of wood, but have to admit, it does fit

  7. Many of our puppies have chewed very terrible things to bits. Worst was recent adoption of twin black dogs, one collects stuff to chew and just have. The other one ate a really nice Samsung tablet, shattered the glass screen and quit suddenly as the mouth feel of shattered glass must be terrible. Also ate a couple of remote control units for a bedroom stereo, without which the stereo is way less useful.

    We have a nice bedroom set in cherry — other young black dog ate most of a drawer pull from a bottom drawer that was just above their dog bed in the bedroom. Also a couple pairs of shoes damaged past useful integrity.

    But we love our dogs, no matter the chewing and collecting. BooBoo still carries cat fud dishes to her bed, I suppose she loves the smell, lord knows there’s no cat fud left!

  8. Our dog is 4 and still likes log. She generally alternates between chewing on it and running around in the back yard with it whilst growling ferociously.

  9. There’s dystopian story in that title if the dog be telepathic, lol. And that lawn is so pleasingly green! I just Wish there were more green stars…

  10. Chewing on a piece of wood? What ya got there is some kinda GIANT HAMSTER.

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