A Making Of Featurette For Love Death + Robots Volume 2

Nice things are said about me starting at 2:58, followed by an amusing visual juxtaposition.

— JS

2 Comments on “A Making Of Featurette For Love Death + Robots Volume 2”

  1. LOVED Volume 2! Also enjoyed that there was a bit more humor–and the visual humor for your story really hit the tone I envision when I read your work. Went back and re-watched Volume 1 after I got done, and that season definitely has more of a “Black Mirror” feel to it (though it was also very enjoyable).

  2. I finally got to watch this the other day. It was excellent, although overall I liked V1 better.

    I do want to call out specifically Paolo Bacigalupi’s “Pop Squad,” though. I first read that story in “Pump 6 and Other Stories” maybe 10 years ago, and that particular story stuck out with me in the simple shockingness of it. In the opening scene when we discover just who our protagonist is and what he does for a living, I remember specifically thinking “Holy cow, no way does that ever make it to film.”

    And here we are.

    Bacigalupi is a a brilliant writer and I’m always happy to see his work in other forms. I just never expected that one to make it out of print.

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