Cicadas Have Arrived, Part 2: The Loitering

Cicadas on our pear tree

The cicadas are single and ready to mingle, as you can see by this trio of them hanging out on our backyard pear tree. There certainly are a lot of them all of a sudden. I hope they find love and that their kids will pop by in 2038. You know, like you do.

— JS

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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The skins they attach to, and then shed on tree trunks and limbs, are thin and brittle. This earned them the nickname of “Crispy Critters” in our childhood. Nothing like the old cereal of the same name, of course.

$diety I’m glad I’m not 2 weeks old anymore. That was a horrible time in my life, lucky I didn’t get arrested and put on some lifetime list.

Fortunately, New York is not in the Brood X area, so nothing here. I expect the usual smaller group later in the summer that we get every year.

As Dean Wormer so aptly put it:

I hate those guys.

I probably ground up thousands today when I mowed my lawn in South Central Indiana. The noise is deafening, the smell is like rotting meat and we have to inspect each other before entering the house because the things be hangin’ all over you! Enough already. Please make it stop!

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