Krissy’s Anniversary Gift

Krissy with her new bass.

A couple weeks ago I took a picture of Krissy with my bass, just for fun, and she remarked — wrong-handedness aside — that she liked the feel and weight of the bass; it felt like an instrument she could get into. Well, I didn’t need much encouragement from that point; I snuck online when she wasn’t looking and picked up a left-handed bass for her as an anniversary gift, and arranged with a bassist friend of ours to give her a few lessons. If everything works out, Krissy and I will have our own punk band very very soon.

— JS

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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I’m also left-handed, but I can’t even imagine trying to play a left-handed guitar. Of course, I can’t play my “normal” right-handed one worth a crap either, so there’s that. Good luck to her.

With SO many people taking reversed pix of themselves on their phones, something I find maddening any time there’s a stringed instrument involved, I wasn’t sure it was a lefty at first.

SCORE! Instruments for the win.

Awesome gift! Love Ibanez basses have a pair myself that I’ve had since the early 90s. Be prepared to be the least cool person in the band, because we all know bass players are the coolest! Hope she gets much enjoyment out of it.

Athena’s instrument will be a cricket bat. She’s obviously the band’s manager. (No gigs in Boston, though — it’s not much of a college town.)

@jaidling, from the Twitter thread:

“isn’t it just biting your lip and closing your eyes while straining your neck dramatically while you wiggle like three fingers???”

So bassists other than Roger Waters do the Lookit Me, I’m Putting In So Very Hard Here thing? I cannot see Krissy pulling faces to get people to take notice of her; she’d have their attention by default.

P.S. Belated happy anniversary!

I always say there are two kinds of people in the world: people who play the bass and people who are wrong.

Joking aside, the bass is a great instrument and the easiest instrument I ever learned how to play.

Band name jokes as a contest!

“What do you mean Athena is taking 50% of our gross!”
“Not our day jobs.”
“The cats do not mind.”

My wife, and every girlfriend I had before her are, and were, left handed. What’s up with that? And btw, when my wife played in the local municipal softball league she was the best first baseman (base person?) of them all. She could hit too! She was a hit with me as well and still is after 45 years. Keep reading Krissy correctly (and giving her fun gifts) and you’ll make it this far too.

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