I Am Truly A Great Daughter

Buying gifts for my dad, whether it be for his birthday, Christmas, or Father’s Day, is a challenging feat. This is mainly because, as many of you have seen from his ridiculous musical acquirements, he buys himself whatever he wants, whenever he wants. Gift giving goes out the window when the person just gets themselves anything and everything they could ever want or need.

However, this Father’s Day, I’ve really outdone myself.

Salty licorice from Ikea! That’s it, I’ve decided that I’m the perfect daughter, no question.

On a more serious note, I hope everyone reading this has a pleasant Father’s Day, and if you don’t celebrate today, then I hope you have a very nice Sunday.

Unrelated, I’m leaving tomorrow morning to go to Virginia for a friend’s wedding (I’m in the wedding!), and I will be gone pretty much all week, so you shan’t be hearing from me for a bit.

Fare thee well!


21 Comments on “I Am Truly A Great Daughter”

  1. Aha! Something that CANNOT be purchased online, so you had to visit a physical store. According to Google Maps, you are nearly two hours drive from the nearest IKEA location.

    So EITHER you made a special trip for this item, OR while on an unrelated trip that happened to take you near an IKEA location you remembered to get this item. Either way, a nontrivial effort was made. Nice!

  2. Does your dad LIKE that stuff?!? That’s worse than his burritos! (although I agree with his definition of “burrito”, though)

    My ex is the only father-figure my son ever knew, so I still send him gift trays from Nuts (dot) com, including some chocolate-covered ones. Tasty treats are always the best gift!

  3. I’m pretty sure you’re a Great Daughter all year round, because you learned by example from a Great Dad.

  4. Excellent choice!

    As the partner of someone who also buys himself whatever he wants whenever he wants it, all gifting days are challenging, so I feel your pain. Food related items and cooking/eating experiences have proven to be our answer as well!

    Have fun at the wedding and try not to melt in the gods-awful Virginia heat and humidity!

  5. I hear that stuff is quite shocking if you’re expecting “regular” salt. Ammonium Chloride rather than Sodium Chloride.

  6. I really hope your dad appreciates the gesture, because the gift is beyond desgusting…

  7. I am told I am also difficult to buy for for the same reason. Especially for “practical” gifts and books. So food and such is always a good idea.

    However, in my part of the world (NZ), fathers day is celebrated on 1st Sunday in September. Which is generally around about a week before my birthday. Which means one gift to cover both “events”. Which my kids say makes it easier.

  8. I grew up with this evil stuff. Salted black licorice (dooble zout) is available throughout my home area of Dutch west Michigan. Check what you can order from Dutch Village both in person and online.

  9. You are indeed a great daughter, and not because of candy on Father’s day, but all year ’round being great.

    And I know about your problem gifting, my dad was well off and inclined to acquire what he needed or wanted pretty much as soon as the thought formed itself. He gave pretty well too, so all good there. I was into science as a kid, and dad decided he would like to have a telescope… instantly I received a telescope in addition to the thing I actually asked for one xmas! Sneaky, dad!

    Enjoy your trip to Virginia, hope everyone is vaccinated!!

  10. Damn he’s skinny.

    It’s fairly typical heat in Virginia today (Monday) but it’s supposed to cool down tomorrow, and the rest of the week is going to be awesome. Have fun at the wedding!

  11. “he buys himself whatever he wants, whenever he wants.”

    My mother does this and it’s very frustrating. More than once I’ve thought of a great gift only to find that she bought it for herself – just before the holidays or her birthday, too!

  12. My first thought was, “Did Ikea actually name their licorice “Lordosis”?

  13. That is indeed an amazing gift! As someone who grew up on and likes black licorice, I still find the flavor profile on that stuff somewhat challenging. But to each their own! Have fun at the wedding and (try to) stay cool.

    My kids have given up on their father and myself, and mostly get us gift cards. Which we appreciate because we get to pick out our own surprises!

  14. Wire dog, my thoughts exactly.
    John’s diet is obviously working, and his clothing is too loose.
    But what does a professional writer wear to work?
    Something with pet fur on it and ?

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