A Reminder to Worldcon Members

The room block at the hotel is open! Go get a room!

(And yes, I reserved a room, and yes, at this point, I do plan to attend. I am a Hugo nominee this year, after all. And also, the idea of a holiday-timed Worldcon is charming to me.)

— JS

10 Comments on “A Reminder to Worldcon Members”

  1. No fun.
    I can’t leave my usual picture of a Quonset hut.
    It’s how the cargo cults celebrate.

  2. sigh December is such a terrible time to try to take a non-family-based trip. I wish they’d stuck with the original dates, using optimistic vaccination projections.

  3. DC in winter is a VERY different proposition from DC in summer. Storms, iced-over streets, iced-over jet wings, etc. And if Congress is in session, God help us, the traffic will be insane. So I’m still deciding whether or not to go at all. Either way, John, I’ll be rooting for your win!

  4. We’re looking forward to DC in December. I had no desire to experience DC in August with the heat and humidity. If I wanted that, I’d visit friends in Houston.

  5. I reserved my hotel room a couple of months ago, at the same price, through Expedia. I’m waiting for one of Southwest’s sales to make my plane reservation. Easy-peasy.

    As for DC in December having such horrors as snow, rain, and traffic – I’m from Massachusetts and lived in Boston for six years. DC is nothing compared to that.

  6. Snow and ice are extremely rare in December here in the DC area. Cold rain, sure, but an umbrella deals with that. It’s right around the corner from the Woodley Park/Zoo Metro stop so you can commute in (I live in Reston and will probably Metro in from there.)

    Congress being in session has little to no effect on that part of the city.

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