Daily Archives: June 23, 2021

Back to DragonCon!

So, here’s an FYI for you: Yes, that’s right, I am the DragonCon literary guest of honor for 2021. “But, Scalzi,” you say, “Weren’t you the DragonCon literary guest of honor in 2020?” Indeed I was! It was online, and this year (cross fingers, knock on wood) there will be a substantial in-person component. This […]

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In Conversation with Jenny Lawson at Lithub

Jenny Lawson is one of my favorite writers and humorists, and also a pal, and couple of months ago Literary Hub asked me to do an interview/conversation with her, talking a bit about her New York Times-bestselling memoir Broken (in the best possible way). Well, I was happy to, and we chatted over the course […]

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