Back to DragonCon!

So, here’s an FYI for you:

John Scalzi

Yes, that’s right, I am the DragonCon literary guest of honor for 2021.

“But, Scalzi,” you say, “Weren’t you the DragonCon literary guest of honor in 2020?”

Indeed I was! It was online, and this year (cross fingers, knock on wood) there will be a substantial in-person component. This could change, I suppose, if another wave of COVID sweeps the nation, so for this reason among many other better reasons, please get your shots, folks, I want to go to Atlanta this September.

As to what I’ll be doing at DragonCon: The usual mix of panels, readings, and such. Maybe they’ll let me do a dance again! We’ll see. I will say that if/when I do a reading, it will include a bit from my upcoming novel The Kaiju Preservation Society. Since I don’t have any public appearances scheduled between now and DragonCon, it will be the world premiere reading from that particular novel.

More details as they come available. I’m looking forwarding to seeing folks! Live! In person! Really there! Etc!

— JS

7 Comments on “Back to DragonCon!”

  1. I took D*C off my list years ago, sadly. It just got too big for my claustrophobia. Plus my silly hubs is working Labor Day.

  2. I’m planning on attending DragonCon for the first time in a few years so this is great news. I’ll look forward to attending some of your programming!

    Any chance that you can get in on the music track and perform a concert with THE BEAST guitar?

  3. Congratulations!!! Life returns, adventures renewed! So happy for this turn of events! Have an amazing time!!!

  4. Congrats! I’ve lived in Atlanta 32 years, but somehow have never hit Dragon*Con. (I wanted to attend as an SFWA member, and so far just can’t seem to crack one of the qualifying markets.) But maybe I’ll make it this year.

  5. I stopped going some time back. It wasn’t a conscious decision, more of a tapering as it got bigger and more unwieldy. But I may have to dip my toe back in if you’re here in the ATL.

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