Weekend Update

Krissy and me in an old timey film strip.

We’re having fun. We just had milkshakes for dinner. I regret nothing. Hope you’ve been having a lovely weekend too.

— JS

6 Comments on “Weekend Update”

  1. Well, as fun a weekend as you can have in a broiler (being in the Portland Area, where we’ve broken 110F) – a reminder to stay hydrated, stay out of the sun, and if you don’t have AC head for a cooling shelter.

  2. Sounds absolutely wonderful! Peaceful weekend here, thanks for asking – had breakfast out on our new deck this morning and enjoyed the chance to say hello to neighbors walking by.

    So, I have just one burning question for you – which of those photos will wind up going into the Scalzi family holiday card this year? Or will it be a montage of all four? Your friends and family will love it!

  3. Pork stir fry, rice, egg rolls and pot stickers (all homemade) coming up but no photo booth or the appearance of screaming into my mate’s ear. It will be a good Tuesday evening as long as I don’t forget to wheel the trash and recycle bins out to the street.

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