Here, Have a Cover Reveal

Pretty cool. There’s a whole story about it, including a little more detail about the story, over at right now.

— JS

29 Comments on “Here, Have a Cover Reveal”

  1. I can’t wait!

    Ok, actually I can wait. I don’t have a choice, after all, but I am looking forward to this.

    P.S. did the book eat someone?

  2. Love that cover. It’s got some serious Jurassic Park vibes, which gives me tingles.

    Bring on the big scary monsters!

  3. Cool cover. It reminds me that the bigger one is as an author the less the cover is about the genre and more about the author as their own brand.

  4. Love the tail detail in the big A and the mushroom cloud in the other one. Also, a lovely quote from Joe Hill. Kudos to the Peter Lutjen, and Tor, and you, and Joe. This will be a long nine months.

  5. Where can I put in my order NOW for a signed copy? I have regular copies of the rest and love the snark. It’s my kind of book. As a librarian, I highly recommend your works to friends and patrons. Thanks for sharing your gifts with others through Whatever. The best part of my day!!!!!

  6. So you just drop this on us, knowing we can’t get our grubby little hands on it for another 9 months?!?

    You cruel, heartless, 900-foot-tall, winged, fire-breathing monster!

  7. Never mind – I had an Amazon glitch, but now see that it is available for pre-order and indeed, has been pre-ordered.

  8. When will Tor learn?! Scalzi books don’t sell! Tor is going to put themselves out of business! /s

    IRL, I’ve preordered it. Don’t wanna wait, but it is what it is.

  9. Great news! But I have to say there is so much I don’t understand about book publishing. If the book is finished and the cover is selected, why are they not madly printing copies now for us to buy? Like babies, books will take 9 months to deliver?

  10. So, I have to spend 9 months coping with my paranoid fantasies about what you have done to us Canadians?
    We’re probably going to have a Federal election before that; how will I factor this into my vote?

  11. Love the cover! Very much looking forward to this book! Also, hopefully a new book tour?

  12. That is exactly what the world needs at the moment (in nine months time!), however, you might want to have a bit of a word with the people at TOR about the copy editing on that promotional page.

  13. Oh no!!!
    There’s a typo in the synopsys!

    “It’s not just the Kaiju Preservation Society whose found their way to the alternate world.”

    should be

    “It’s not just the Kaiju Preservation Society who’s found their way to the alternate world.”

  14. Sorry to be pedantic: one more typo: “Not our Earth, at at least”

    amazing that the previous typo on was fixed just a few minutes after my post! Previous one is still wrong at (for now )

  15. Awesome cover and promo graphic (I love the blood next to the book, not just the blood “on” the book) and this book sounds GREAT! :-D I look forward to it!

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