Daily Archives: July 1, 2021

Mary Robinette Kowal Announced as Chair of Discon III

She’s replacing William Lawhorn, who stepped down in late June, in the wake of some various and persistent communication issues at the convention, which among other things occasioned the resigning of the committee in charge of the Hugo Awards (twice, not a great sign), and other staffers as well. The full press release announcing Mary […]

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Prepare Yourself For July’s Wanton Hibiscustry

Which is to say, today’s the day our hibiscus plant decided to offer up its first bloom of the year. It’s been a rough year for the hibiscus plant — it wintered in the garage, where it did okay, and then we replanted it outside in April when things seemed to be warming up, so […]

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The Big Idea: E. J. Mellow

“Appearances can be deceiving.” In author E. J. Mellow’s Big Idea, she tells us a bit about how she plays off this phrase in her newest novel, Song of the Forever Rains. E. J. MELLOW: Much like a mythological beast, I tend to believe big ideas have a head and a heart and both better […]

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