Prepare Yourself For July’s Wanton Hibiscustry

The first Hibiscus flower of the year!

Which is to say, today’s the day our hibiscus plant decided to offer up its first bloom of the year. It’s been a rough year for the hibiscus plant — it wintered in the garage, where it did okay, and then we replanted it outside in April when things seemed to be warming up, so of course then it promptly snowed. For a while there we thought it was a goner, but then in June it started offering up leaves, and today: Look, a bloom. There’s a story of persistence here somewhere. But mostly, I’m just happy about the flowers. They sure are pretty.

— JS

5 Comments on “Prepare Yourself For July’s Wanton Hibiscustry”

  1. I think “hibiscuity” or “hibiscuousness” might go better with “wanton”.

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