Behind the Scenes of “Automated Customer Service”

I missed this when it came out about a month ago. So here it is! I get a nice shoutout at the beginning.

— JS

6 Comments on “Behind the Scenes of “Automated Customer Service””

  1. I enjoyed it. Funny and snarky with a legitimate warning about too much automation.

  2. Many questions! What was your involvement like? It was an odd time, so I assume you were not able to visit, but did you get to talk to the director, actors, animators? Did you get previews of the work as it went along? Did they ask if the imagery was what you envisioned? Was it as incredibly fun as I would automatically assume it was? It has to be an incredible experience to see you words come to life on the screen in such a dynamic and exciting format.

  3. OOPS, that ‘errata’ comment should have gone to a different video. My bad.

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