Release Date Change For The Kaiju Preservation Society

The cover of The Kaiju Preservation Society

It was going to be released on March 22, 2022 (in the US and Canada). Now it’s going to be released a week earlier: March 15, 2022. Why the change? For abstruse reasons relating to international distribution, and also because, well, why not, apparently the date was open on Tor’s schedule, so here we are. Now you have one fewer week to wait!

Also, yes, audio/ebook will also be March 15, and the UK release will be on March 17, and the rest of the world will be whenever it will be. For answers to any other question about the book you might have (probably), there’s the New Book FAQ.

— JS

6 Comments on “Release Date Change For The Kaiju Preservation Society”

  1. I ordered the ebook (I read a lot of books on my iPad) weeks ago. Now I’ll have an early almost Spring new book to anticipate. Goodie.

  2. From Mr. Beckley, my HS English teacher: “Two fewer, one less.” (If the countable noun is plural, use fewer; if it’s singular, use less.) Just sayin’. Congratulations!

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