Here Comes the Weekend

Charlie, Zeus and Smudge out in front of the house.

For someone who proclaimed he was on vacation, I had a busy week — edits on the novella (now done), meetings on things I can’t tell you about, and business emails and such on other things I can’t tell you about. All positive! And not terribly brain intensive. But still, more done this week than honestly I intended to do.

But now it’s Friday afternoon and anything that was going to get done this week has already been done, so now I’m really gonna nothing! For the whole weekend! Maybe longer! Just you watch me. Or, uhhhh, don’t, honestly me doing nothing is not that interesting.

Hope your weekend plans are likewise mellow and restorative, and if not, then that they are at least interesting and enjoyable for you.

The picture of Charlie, Zeus and Smudge above has nothing at all to do with what I just wrote, by the way. I just know you like photos of pets.

— JS

11 Comments on “Here Comes the Weekend”

  1. Isn’t doing NOTHING, still considered doing SOMETHING (nothing, being the ‘thing’).

    Just sounds like you’re piling more and more to do, in your efforts to not do anything.

    Didn’t you hire an assistant last year, to all all these nothings FOR you?

    (aka, enjoy your summer)

  2. Enjoy your downtime (ish!) Hoping to hit a New England beach this weekend and be outdoorsy. Thanks for the petpics…always appreciated! Play some guitar if you can find one. :/

  3. “things I can’t tell you about”

    Thanks for piquing our curiosity, and now we will suffer from poor sleep quality this weekend. May the next burrito you eat be made by Wil Wheaton, to exacting standards of Cal-Mex propriety.

  4. Ah, a peaceful and quit weekend. Right. Be careful what you wish for! My cell phone died today and it’s been an all-day affair setting up the new one. Fortunately I had a replacement for it on hand (my son’s old iPhone 7 – he’s into the 12s like Athena) to replace my dead 6S. I used to enjoy this stuff but not anymore. I’ve been retired for 8 1/2 years for crying out loud! This is too much like work!

  5. I do hope doing nothing keeps you in your music room most of the weekend. You’re going to need to provide musical accompaniment to your next book tour!!

  6. “Mellow and restorative” sounds pretty darned nice from where I sit. I am overdue for both.

    I hope your weekend fulfills all your expectations for mellow restoration, and that you enjoy your well-deserved rest. Be well. And wear a mask if you go out.

  7. You seem like a happy man. That makes reading your books life affirming. Knowing about your life, home, family and pets has made me appreciate where your writing originates. Thanks for sharing.

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