Daily Archives: August 10, 2021

Damn It, I Was Going to Write a Lengthy Piece Today But Then I Got Distracted By Pointless Crap and Forgot What I Was Going to Write About, So Here’s a Cat Picture Instead

It’ll probably come back to me as soon as I post this. But honestly, if I can’t remember, was it really important enough to write about at length? Probably not! Anyway, Spice looks good today. Enjoy. — JS

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The Big Idea: Elijah Menchaca

Losing friends can be hard, especially when you and your friends are a group of adventure-seeking heroes. Come along in Elijah Menchaca’s Big Idea as he tells you why he decided not to focus on one character, but an entire friend group in his debut novel, They Met in a Tavern. ELIJAH MENCHACA: The story of […]

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