Founding Daddy

Me in a powdered wig, looking silly.

I was sent a powdered wig today. Because why not? I’m not sure it’s an everyday look for me, but, honestly, it could be worse.

“Hey, baby. Wanna found a nation with me?”

Oh, yeah. It’s a look, y’all.

— JS

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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You look, dare I say, FABULOUS! I encourage you to wear it next time you see Hamilton. :)

For some reason, your comment about founding a new nation made the Janet Jackson song pop into my head. I think the lyrics are especially pertinent now.

Rhythm Nation

With music by our side
To break the color lines
Let’s work together
To improve our way of life
Join voices in protest
To social injustice
A generation full of courage
Come forth with me

People of the world today
Are we looking for a better way of life
We are a part of the rhythm nation
People of the world unite
Strength in numbers we can get it right
One time
We are a part of the rhythm nation

This is the test
No struggle no progress (Lend)
Lend a hand to help your brother do it’s best
Things are getting worse
We have to make them better
It’s time to give a damn
Let’s work together come on, yeah

Songwriters: Terry Lewis / James Harris Iii / Janet Damita Jo Jackson
Rhythm Nation lyrics © Kmr Music Royalties Ii Scsp

Put on a period-appropriate vest and jacket to go with it rather than a black t-shirt, and you could definitely pass for one of the scruffier founding fathers.

I agree with David T Rickard upthread. The two weeks growth doesn’t go well with a powdered wig. To pull off the look, you either need to shave the beard off, or grow it out some and powder it white. Same goes for the eyebrows.

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