New Books and ARCs, 8/13/21

Friday the 13th is scary for some, but here at the Scalzi Compound, it just means we have this excellent collection of new books and ARCs to peruse. See anything you’d like to have in your own hands? Share in the comments!

— JS

19 Comments on “New Books and ARCs, 8/13/21”

  1. Tobias Buckell’s collection Shoggoths in Traffic is very enticing, and another book in Fonda Lee’s Jade series is very welcome.

  2. Best of David Brin and the Buckell for sure, maybe some of the others if I could see a blurb or cover copy. (The spine for “The Fort” looks cool but I haven’t heard of it and don’t recognize the author name.)

  3. I read one of the Beowulf series years ago and if Beowulf’s Children is in the same series, it was fantastic.

  4. Nothing sparks my interest this time. Not complaining though, my reading list is growing faster than I can keep up

  5. That is what you would call (or at least what I would call) a well above average week’s worth of bookage.

  6. What percentage of ARCs and freebies do you think you actually read? Have you had to build a massive library structure on your property just to house publisher giveaways? Do you hand books out instead of Halloween candy? (Actually, that would be a really fun idea.) Just curious.

  7. Is it my imagination, or does Baen send you more books than any other publisher?

    Seems ironic given certain events of the past.

  8. I was gonna say. Say what you will about Baen – and lord knows I have much less interest in their books than I used to, for multiple reasons – but they’ve always been really good at letting people know about their stuff.

  9. Looking so forward to Jade Legacy. It’s up there with the final Expanse and John le Carré novels, and the forthcoming Neal Stephenson: the 2021 books I’m most looking forward to.

  10. Adrian Goldsworthy is a well-respected Roman historian who has a number of non-fiction books to his credit. He has also written the Vindolanda trilogy, set in Roman Britain around 100 AD. Both his non-fiction and fiction are very readable. The Fort appears to be the first novel of a new series set in Roman Dacia. (current day Romania). Very interested to buy the book.

  11. I’m just on chapter three of Monkey Around, which I bought from the Big Idea piece here, and it is so far so good.

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