Popular With the Pets

Krissy with two cats and the dog.

Krissy has been out all day with friends, so when she got back all the pets wanted to get their quality time in with her. It’s nice to be popular.

This is what Sunday looks like here, folks. Hope yours is lovely, too.

— JS

7 Comments on “Popular With the Pets”

  1. Truly a lovely Sunday photo… and refreshing given the state of things, globally. : )

  2. Umm, I’m neither driving nor flying to Ohio in the middle of the plague; but this picture is making me very uncomfortable with the need to tidy up your bookshelves. I mean, it hurts my soul a tiny bit to see the disarray. The pets help.

  3. In this particular picture, she looks like Rhea Seehorn whom, frankly, she does not normally resemble. Weird.

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