A Compromise Post

John Scalzi

I was going to write a post about how writing about news and politics these days in any form longer than a tweet makes me agitated and annoyed, and what that says about my mental state at the moment, but then I got agitated and annoyed with that post, so… here’s a picture of some really cool looking clouds from last night instead.

Don’t worry too much, folks, I’ll my head sorted out soon enough. I usually do. But in the meantime, at least you get some cool photos out of it. Also, you still have my tweets. I’m definitely still nattering away about news and politics in 280 characters or less.

— JS

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  1. I’ve had a post in my head for over a week that touches on some news and politics stuff but even considering writing it stresses me out. Instead, today I wrote about going to a baseball game.

  2. Started Day 1 of homeschooling today.

    Because the way my school district is planning to avoid headlines about large numbers of students quarantining is by not allowing anybody without a covid positive test or illness symptoms to quarantine. Combined with no parent notifications about exposure and, of course, no masking, and you know, ultra high community prevalence rates and my daughter being too young to get a vaccine…

    That’s my politics right now! Though I’m also aware that voting rights are being stripped away and the federal government is doing nothing to protect those of us who are stuck in the South.

    But a lot of people who would be being active on that topic are busy trying to keep their kids from getting sick.

    Folks who have headspace and want to protect us, please take a spin at 5Calls.org and give a call on something you care about. There’s more in depth stuff you can do, but that’s a good first step. I’d especially appreciate calls to senators about the For the People Act. Especially if your senators are democrats. But you may be interested in slowing climate change or protecting DACA recipients or– that’s all necessary too.

    (And I think there’s a special place in Hell for well-meaning liberal white men, and it’s always white men, who respond to suggestions for action with some kind of “nothing is going to change so why try” — if we don’t try, then nothing will change. It’s self-fulfilling. I would like to at least slow down the descent into fascism if we can.)

  3. If you don’t publish it here then it doesn’t exist for me. Twitter isn’t something I feel any urge to join. I hope you don’t give up on your blog.

  4. Political discussion seems to have devolved into insults and finger-pointing, and even when the people you agree with do it, it gets tiresome.

    That being said, the level of -willful- ignorance, aka stupidity, in the US has never been more obvious.

  5. I get it. I’m trying to prepare for the new school year (both for my own classes, most of which I’ve taught enough that it’s not too hard, but one I’m totally revamping, and also for my daughter, who is gulp beginning high school), continue writing, and try to track what’s going on in the world.

    More and more, I’m shying away from the writing and the world, because I /have/ to get my work done for the day job, but I’m not under deadline on this book, so if it takes me longer nobody cares but me.

  6. First world problem here:
    DH and I had planned a trip this fall to see FiL and other people we hadn’t seen in years. Now that COVID is once again ratcheting up, the FUD is making everyone debate whether the trip needs to be canceled, despite everyone having been vaccinated. I’m particularly concerned about FiL, who although currently hale and healthy, is up there in years. I neither want to expose him accidentally to COVID, but nor do I want the next time we see him to be when he’s in hospice. Besides which, I’m getting cabin fever; we haven’t taken any type of vacation since 2017, and arranging any type of trip takes a good deal of effort on our part.

  7. John, I almost exclusively limit my political speech/discourse to in person and it must remain polite without gaslighting, red herrings, et al.

    I mean, do we really need to argue with people we either have met once or never and aren’t going to change their views? I don’t feel the need to do so.

  8. Very cool looking clouds! I refuse to think about anything else right now.

  9. Agitated and annoyed is my default condition these days when confronted with news and politics, along with generous (and increasing) dollops of frustration and hopelessness. Good thoughts to you – it’s not the best possible space to be.

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