Daily Archives: August 17, 2021

On Being Ever-So-Slightly Ahead of the Curve, Infrastructure-Wise

A couple of months ago I noted that we had put down a reservation for a Ford F-150 Lightning, Ford’s first fully-electric truck. It’ll be primarily for Krissy’s use, as she’s the one of us who, you know, leaves the house and goes out in the world, and also does various things that would make […]

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It’s A Wonderful Day For Chai

Does anyone else have that one thing that you consider a treat that will instantly brighten your day, pick you up when you’re down, or help get you through a rough day? For me, that’s an iced chai latte. It’s quite literally my favorite drink ever. Throughout my life, I’ve considered it a special lil’ […]

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The Big Idea: E. J. Wenstrom

In the novel Departures, author E. J. Wenstrom shows us what a true utopia might look like — but of course there’s a catch to such an optimized world, as Wenstrom explores in this Big Idea. E. J. WENSTROM: Every book starts with a little seed of an idea, and with Departures, that seed was […]

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