The Dragon Curse

John Scalzi

Krissy and I went to a Dayton Dragons game today (the Dragons being Dayton’s minor league baseball team), and something happened that always happens whenever I come to see a Dayton Dragons game at the field: They lost. And, this time, not by just a little. The final score was 8-3, after a particularly disastrous second inning in which the opposing Lake County Captains put up six runs, staring with a home run and then all sorts of singles and doubles. It was a real mess and while the Dragons did all right in the rest of the game (not counting the second inning, they outscored the Captains 3-2), that’s an inning that’s very hard to come back from. The Dragons did not.

I was sad but not surprised. I go to a Dayton Dragons game once every couple of years, and over the twenty years of being in Ohio, I have yet to see them win a game. I show up, they lose. Every single time. Which purely as a matter of statistics shouldn’t happen — The Dragons win roughly half the games they play so just as a matter of a coin flip I should have seen a couple wins by now. But, nope.

Therefore: Clearly I am a curse to the Dayton Dragons and should stop going to their games, or at least never go to games that are critical, like playoff games or the final game of a league championship. This is a heavy responsibility and I will endeavor to live up to the challenge. Unless whoever is opposing them wants to bribe me, in which case, I am listening.

— JS

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