“Automated Customer Service” Gets an Emmy (and LD+R Gets Four)

Still from Love Death + Robots

Specifically, “Automated Customer Service” won an Emmy Juried Award for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation, going to ACS character designer Laurent Nicolas. Love Death + Robots got three other juried Emmys as well, going to Robert Valley, Patricio Betteo (both for “Ice”) and Dan Gill (for “All Through the House”). Four Emmys is a nice haul, and the series is up for a couple more in the competitive categories as well. Here are the details from the Emmys site.

Naturally, I think this is pretty damn cool. This is not my Emmy — it’s Laurent Nicolas’ — but I’m delighted that something that came out of my brain gave someone else the opportunity to show off their talents and skills at a high enough level that their peers decided to award them for it. And justly so: There’s nothing out there that quite looks like “Automated Customer Service,” and, clearly, it’s all the better for it.

Congratulations to Laurent Nicolas, and to the other Emmy winners from LD+R, and to everyone who did work on the series. It’s a good day for the show, and for animation.

— JS

7 Comments on ““Automated Customer Service” Gets an Emmy (and LD+R Gets Four)”

  1. I’m still not quite sure if I LIKE the animation style they used for ACS, but it’s certainly unique and interesting and in a world where way too much computer animation all looks the same, that’s something to value.

  2. The cold dead eyes of the pet, works for a cat. Not the dog.
    So once again the book is better.
    Why did they change it?

  3. Nice! Congratulations for sharing the Scalzi brain trust so that others may be awarded!

  4. If I had written a story that got anyone an Emmy, I would totally feel like I’d won an Emmy. So congratulations to everyone involved in any way, definitely including you.