“Automated Customer Service” Gets an Emmy (and LD+R Gets Four)

Still from Love Death + Robots

Specifically, “Automated Customer Service” won an Emmy Juried Award for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation, going to ACS character designer Laurent Nicolas. Love Death + Robots got three other juried Emmys as well, going to Robert Valley, Patricio Betteo (both for “Ice”) and Dan Gill (for “All Through the House”). Four Emmys is a nice haul, and the series is up for a couple more in the competitive categories as well. Here are the details from the Emmys site.

Naturally, I think this is pretty damn cool. This is not my Emmy — it’s Laurent Nicolas’ — but I’m delighted that something that came out of my brain gave someone else the opportunity to show off their talents and skills at a high enough level that their peers decided to award them for it. And justly so: There’s nothing out there that quite looks like “Automated Customer Service,” and, clearly, it’s all the better for it.

Congratulations to Laurent Nicolas, and to the other Emmy winners from LD+R, and to everyone who did work on the series. It’s a good day for the show, and for animation.

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By John Scalzi

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I’m still not quite sure if I LIKE the animation style they used for ACS, but it’s certainly unique and interesting and in a world where way too much computer animation all looks the same, that’s something to value.

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