Today’s Distraction From the Internet

A friend who is visiting has brought boxes of Lebanese food and desserts, and so I’ll be spending the day hanging out with them and utterly destroying my normal daily calorie count with these very delicious foods, and not being online. While it seems unlikely you will be having the same specific events transpiring for your Friday, nevertheless I hope it’s a similarly excellent day.

— JS

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

16 replies on “Today’s Distraction From the Internet”

John Scalzi, luckbringer.

I got a text shortly after reading this from my wife that “Ammar brought baklava” to her office.

She just swing by while running errands for work and gave me a piece.

No comments on world events in a long time, John.

Can’t wait to hear how you’re sleeping soundly knowing the supremely competent Biden administration is on top of things.


wiredog: “The Lebanese, well Mediterranean, version of the burrito uses a pita instead of a tortilla. In case there are leftovers.”

Shots fired!

(I for one am looking forward to John’s tortilla burrito! Torito?)

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