Today’s Deep Thought of the Day for Today

There are many ways to voluntarily turn one’s brain into a pudding, but for true mental discombobulation, you can’t beat a two-hour nap in the middle of a Sunday afternoon. I woke up barely able to remember my own name, which is, to be clear, Joe Piscopo.

How are you?

— JP

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  1. That’s why I don’t nap – I always wake up feeling that way.

    If I do feel the need for a little sleep during the day, I’ll put on a movie I’ve seen a dozen times (Independence Day or the original Mortal Kombat are good for this) so that if I wake up from dozing, I’ll generally know how long I was asleep. (“Wait, Will Smith just punched the alien? I must have missed ten minutes.”)

    But the better solution for me is: No naps.


  2. @Dennis, my wife baked two pies while I was taking my nap so I’ll be doing it in the opposite order. 😉

  3. The very worst thing about afternoon naps? Waking up in the small hours of next morning all slept out, even though it’s way too early to start the day.

  4. That happens to me when I walk into a room and forget why I was going there. The comedian Rich Hall calls it “Destinasia”. Happens more and more as I get older.

  5. We got our #3 Moderna shots Friday afternoon at the local Health Dept. They were able to look up our previous 2 shots on the state database. Wife hasn’t felt any different, I’ve been tired and napped yesterday and this afternoon. Now I’m fine, except for figuring out what to fix for dinner.

    You all Scalzis rest up and take care!

  6. Joe Piscopo grew up in the next town over from me. My grandmother was good friends with his mom and they used to play cards together. He’s a really lovely guy. He came to my grandmother’s funeral and talked to all the family. So this change from John Scalzi to Joe Piscopo is okay in my book.

  7. You need practice. You have cats, they can teach you a lot about the intricacies of napping. If you absolutely need hominid guidance, talk to stagehands.

    All the best to you and yours!

  8. Must be catching … I did the same. My excuse is the the neverending smoke we’re all breathing here in Central California. Don’t know how firefighters manage. Send one of your famous Ohio thunderstorms to put us out of our misery.

  9. If our rainy season has decided to show up early in the day, a nap is a good thing to do.

    That is not an everyday occurrence, and the orchids are unhappy. They need re-potting, now that I can buy their media again. Fricking COVID shortages.

  10. While on holiday to Ireland this summer (finally got to meet my new grandson) I napped every day. Now please understand, I am not a person who naps. Today I was very drowsy, bad nights sleep, and I stretched out on the couch for a snooze. It was a complete failure. I had coffee instead and carried on. I’m still not a person who naps, except when traveling I presume.

  11. I have a day job at a hospital in Jacksonville. Our hospital has over 400 COVID patients across its three facilities. I’m not a clinician, but all hands are needed so I’ve been doing overnight shifts working the phones at the nursing stations on the weekends.

    I then slept from 1 to 9.

    And this is where my problem is…because I’m Joe Piscopo, and we can’t both be Joe, can we?

  12. Damn, now I have to google and see which streaming service has “Dead Heat” available.

  13. The last time I took an actual, proper mid-day nap was almost five years ago. I had an extremely vivid dream wherein I was playing the role of Sam Beckett on Quantum Leap, except I wasn’t Scott Bakula, I was just myself, but everyone in the dream kept telling me that I WAS Scott Bakula, so that when I woke up, I had a serious residual effect going for the rest of the day where I kept thinking to myself “Man…am I actually Scott Bakula?”

    This is why I don’t really take naps so much anymore. I’m sure you understand, Joe.

  14. Nice channeling of Dave Barry there Mr Piscopo.

    I can’t take naps of more than half an hour or so or I’ll be unable to get to sleep at the proper time, and will be sleepy all the next day. Fortunately I don’t drink much coffee, so when I get sleepy in mid-afternoon I can have a cup of that, or a couple of tea, and between the caffeine and the full bladder I can stay awake.

  15. One time in college, I had a two-hour nap after class, woke up, stumbled across my room, stared, and thought, “That’s a mirror, and I’m pretty sure that’s me in it.”

  16. I get these discombobulations when waking from a deep sleep in the morning, especially when what wakes me is an alarm clock or the telephone ringing. Mistaking, in grogginess, the one for the other, is common.
    I cannot, in such circumstances, be sure what I’ll say on the phone, but I have trained myself to respond to “Did I wake you up?” with “No, I had to get up to answer the phone anyway.”

  17. That’s weird. I thought it was Monday.
    This post has traveled through time!

    In fact I thought it was Labor Day … am I alone in that?

    Once in my disorganized student days I had an alarm clock that had to be set off by 6 hours for the alarm to work, and glancing at it after a nap I wasn’t sure which of four possible times of day it indicated.

  18. My father made me take a nap once, once! Looks like it’s time to stream “Johnny Dangerously.”

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