Somehow the Pets Always Know

Sugar, having mysteriously divined that we’re about to head out on vacation for several days, has graciously made sure our clothes have sufficient cat hair on them even without her to provide it daily. Really, such a sweet cat. So giving.

Also, yes, Krissy and I will be on our way to Dragon Con tomorrow, where I am the literary Guest of Honor. I will be masked and vaxxed and ready to meet fans. It’s been 18 months since I’ve been at a public event of any sort, so I’m hoping I actually remember how to, you know, talk to people. I think I remember? We’ll find out, in any event. If you’re at Dragon Con this weekend and see me, by all means say hello. And come to my events! I have, like, a dozen. They’re all on the schedule which you can find on the Dragon Con app.

I’ll pop in here from time to time, but likely only briefly, kind of like, uhhhhh, I’ve been doing all through the last month. Like that! Only more so!

Anyway. Off to pack more things while Sugar is distracted elsewhere.

— JS

12 Comments on “Somehow the Pets Always Know”

  1. Sugar…has graciously made sure our clothes have sufficient cat hair on them even without her to provide it daily.

    It’s true, it’s utterly a cat thing. I was packing at my office to go to NYC a few weeks back, and the suitcase wasn’t even out – but both Carter & Meatloaf made sure to sit and shed on the pile of clothes I had sitting on my printer….

  2. Of course it was a cat.
    We finished packing up the camper trailer. We looked through the house for our dog.
    He was in the car. He loaded himself. He knew we would take him.

  3. You do realize, of course, that cats had perfected nanosensors and IoT long before the tailless primates did, right? All Sugar is doing is providing senors for you to distribute. Do your job!

  4. Suitcases! Whenever we’re leaving for a trip the cat always stakes his territory out atop one of the suitcases! Never sure if this is his effort to keep us in place or to tag along.

  5. I’m bummed that I’m going to miss you this year. Have a great trip to my fair city, and (knock on wood) avoid the Con Crud.

  6. My furkids do the same thing. When luggage is out, cats get in the bags. It’s what they do.

    Sugar looks adorable.

  7. Cats, you just can’t trust them. All they ask for is a bit of food and a warm place to stay, and they give you cuteness and affection in return.

    The bastards.