View From a Hotel Window, 9/2/21: Atlanta

First one of these in a while. It’s a decent view, too.

In other news, hi, I’ve made it to Dragon Con. Even at “reduced capacity” it’s still immense.

How are you today?

— JS

19 Comments on “View From a Hotel Window, 9/2/21: Atlanta”

  1. Enjoy the convention! I suspect the collective “we” could be having a better day, given the tragedy that is the Texas Leg and a majority of the SCOTUS.

  2. cupertino jay – Decades retired internet mouse potato; unrepentant Cal-Berkeley golden bears sports fan; best times were (notice Past tense) backpacking thousands of miles a little bit at a time in John Muir's high holy california Range of Light. Reading waay too much science fiction starting back in the swingin' 50s. ^ JossWhedon /NathanFillion /NeilPatrickHarris /FeliciaDay's 42min instant classic "Dr Horrible's Singalong Blog" (2008)
    cupertino jay

    what, no parking lot

    is, front and centered short stuff

  3. Glad you’re back out there. That said, I just listened to the Ready Player One audiobook narrated by your buddy Will Wheaton and was delighted that your name was mentioned with all the other great sci-fi writers.

  4. JW Kilcrease, I hear you.

    I still have the clutch pushed in because I have trouble putting my mind in gear on this one. The story made the home page of the BBC World News website. (British Broadcasting Corporation)

  5. Nice view…

    Also, my 14 year old has taken an interest in Science Fiction and I’d like to drop him into your work… Where do you recommend he start?

  6. Hmm, I think I know what hotel you’re in, and I think we’re in it too!

    Just, opposite sides of the building…

    Now, if I’d had the sense god gave a duck, I’dve brought along one of your books for signing…

  7. Hey! My first job out of high school was in that building across the street! Which means I can answer the earlier comment about the parking lot – small parking deck under the building! That whole complex was built about the same time they were putting in the MARTA subway lines under Peachtree Street and Atlanta’s planners were hoping that most of us would adopt mass transit. If only…. Sigh.

  8. I am fine. But your Twitter–yes it must be yours because you’re the only reason I go there–now won’t let me look at your full photos, just the bit that shows before I click on them. And also won’t let me get to the Scamperbeasts from your twits. Seriously, why even have Twitter if total strangers can’t access Scamperbeasts. So I would be fine but I am too busy whiney-babying about Twitter. Also, whiney-babying about my bad eyes that can’t be sure if there really is a parking lot in that view from your hotel window. But other than that I am very well today. Thank you for asking.

  9. Kinda wish I was in Atlanta. I’ve never been to a comic con! I’ve been to one for scientific equipment, but I feel like that’s a lot less entertaining.

  10. Last time I spent time in downtown Atlanta, my parents took us all to a Peachbowl game in which WVU was playing. We went to dinner in a hotel-top restaurant that rotated, and wife (or perhaps mom) set their purse down beside the table.

    So half an hour later, waitress comes along with a free-roaming purse that was caught by another guest as it passed by. Pretty good fun, since the outcome was that good. Dunno how they knew which table to visit?

  11. @Granny Roberta

    Twitter is playing games right now. They are trying to force people to sign up in order to see things. How well that works depends on what ad blocker you use (I don’t have a Twitter account) and which platform you are on.

    In general clicking on the time posted (e.g. “5h” for a post 5 hours ago) will usually bring up the post and the thread comments. And should allow you to view the images in the tweets.

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