Labor Day Check-In

Last day of Dragon Con, which for me has been a terrific experience about which I will write about more later, and also a travel day as we head home from Atlanta. While my Labor Day will be busy, I hope yours is relaxing and fun. See you on the other side of the day.

— JS

4 Comments on “Labor Day Check-In”

  1. The problem I discovered with coming home on Labor Day itself: lots of crowds at the airport. May you have avoided that.

  2. I saw a huge online stash of photos of the Con parade… the folks and their costumes were really fine!

    Unfortunately, it seemed that none of the photos were of the Camaro in which you were riding… so sad. ;~)

  3. Bob,
    Some people see a church steeple in every phallus, some people see a phallus in every church steeple.

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