Charlie in the Back Yard, 9/8/21

It’s a lovely day to be a dog. Or, honestly, pretty much anything. Hope the same for you, wherever you are.

— JS

6 Comments on “Charlie in the Back Yard, 9/8/21”

  1. I’m sure your weather today, just about 160 miles east and slightly north of my location, is absolutely perfect too! 80° with no humidity and that enormous, deep blue sky with only a few puffy clouds to provide depth. Throw in a perfect green lawn and a loving, playful dog and you’d be greedy asking for anything more! Life, she’s good like that sometimes!

  2. How is Charlie with the cats?
    How are the cats with Charlie.
    Does Charlie have a favorite human? If so who?
    Does Charlie come when he is called?

  3. I think we’ve been told that Charlie (who’s a she, btw) has a preference for Krissy.

  4. Great – it’s raining here, and has been for the last few days….

    That does look like a lovely day, and Charlie looks like one happy dog.

  5. Damned dog’s got some personality, and there’s no denying that. Thanks for the smile Mr. S.

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