New Books and ARCs, 9/10/21

A confession: I meant to post this stack of new books and ARCs last Friday, but then I was at Dragon Con, and I was… busy. So: Here they are now! What here in the stack looks interesting to you? Tell us all in the comments.

— JS

15 Comments on “New Books and ARCs, 9/10/21”

  1. I liked Tade Thompson’s “Rosewater” trilogy, mostly, so I’d start with his new book. Jemisin is often very good as well, but I’d probably scan the publisher’s blurbs first.

  2. I absolutely loved T. J. Klune’s “The House in the Cerulean Sea”, so I’m going with “Under the Whispering Door”.

    Luckily I’ve read the N. K. Jemisin, otherwise this would be a very tough choice

  3. The Cassandra Khaw book is really good, lots of poetical violence, dysfunctional relationships, and some very strange AIs.

  4. I think you have to read Delilah Dawson because she lifts weights and is therefore capable of committing violence upon you if you don’t. And judging from the book title, she might be inclined toward that sort of thing these days.

    Of course, you do have Krissy to defend you, so this could get interesting.

  5. I’d be all over the Klune, Jemisin, and Turnbull to start, but there doesn’t seem to be a stinker in the bunch.

  6. I used to be depressed when these posts came out and I recognized 0-1 of the titles and/or authors, because it showed how out of touch I was, but now I take it as a sign of the flourishing of the genre, instead. Even a professional must find it hard work to keep up with everything that’s coming out, and that’s great!

    Anyway, Jemisin would top my list if not for the fact that I’m pretty sure I recognize the title which means it’s a reprint.

  7. Gah, had me excited for a second with N. K. Jemisin, but of course when I look it up it’s just the last book of the Inheritance trilogy, from 2011. Doesn’t help that I can apparently never recall the title of that book.

    Ah heck, I should probably reread those someday anyhow.

  8. Some nice juxtapositions there – kingdom of gods -> no gods no monsters -> far from the light of heaven -> the violence. Or barbarians of beyond -> not your average hot guy

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