Hibiscus, 9/16/21

Our hibiscus plant nearly died because after keeping it in a heated garage all winter, we replanted it too early in the spring and it got snowed on, so the hibiscus flowers this year have been few and far between. It just makes me appreciate the ones we have gotten. Here’s today’s.

— JS

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  1. There is a group in NYC planting hibiscus in rain gardens on city streets. No fussy preparations, except to do good soil prep. There’s one across from my Brooklyn studio building with giant pink hibiscus flowering right now—a real treat!
    And a bunch of my neighbors also grow these same giant pink hibiscus; they overwinter outside (zone 6-7) and seem to do very well. Maybe the pink ones are less fussy???

  2. If ever you get tired of writing awesome novels, you could always take up photography… (please don’t get tired of writing. thank you)

  3. Try a hardy hibiscus instead! Dinner-plate-sized flowers and it stays outside. Just chop it down to ground level after it’s done blooming (or just wait and do it during spring cleanup).

  4. My hibiscus (orange) did great indoors this past winter 20 over to 21. I brought it outdoors as the weather warmed and that’s when it became temperamental. Too much water? Not enough? Too much direct sunlight? Not enough. It started shedding leaves and looking awful. I watched a few videos on YouTube and the consensus i derived was to trim it back which kind of frightened me but I went for it. Lo and behold it is thriving now with lots of blossoms and new growth. I love the challenge of hibiscus but most of all I love the blossoms.

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