New Books and ARCs, 9/17/21

Another Friday, another fine stack of new books and ARCs to peruse! What here is catching your eye? Share your thoughts in the comments.

— JS

16 Comments on “New Books and ARCs, 9/17/21”

  1. Yes that’s SubPress on the binding of those for certain. Super jealous they sent John a Murderbot. The works by Powell and Byrne caught my eye. I was aware of Byrne’s new book but not Powell. Onto the to-read list they both go!

  2. Stars and Bones reminds me of Paul Simon’s excellent title track from the album Hearts and Bones (1983), which is more obscure than it should be.

  3. Holy cow, Engine Summer. I’m pretty sure I still have my paperback copy from the 90s. I love so many things about it: the layered story structure, the world building, the personal voice of the storyteller. I thought maybe it was out of print (I think it was for a while). My favorite John Crowley book.

  4. Ooh, The Actual Star! Love that one!

  5. I saw Engine Summer and went: “Oooooh!”
    Stunning in scope and execution. A tremendous book that still influences me to this day.
    “Angel, why are you crying?”

  6. Dave Creek – Dave Creek is the author of the novels CHANDA'S HOMECOMING, WATCHER OF THE SKIES, ALL HUMAN THINGS, CHANDA'S AWAKENING, and SOME DISTANT SHORE, novellas TRANQUILITY and THE SILENT SENTINELS, and short story collections KAYONGA'S DECISION, THE SECRET OF PLAINSVILLE, THE HUMAN EQUATIONS, and A GLIMPSE OF SPLENDOR He's also published the Great Human War trilogy, including A CROWD OF STARS (2016 Imadjinn Award winner), THE FALLEN SUN, and THE UNMOVING STARS (2018 Imadjinn Award winner). Dave also edited TRAJECTORIES, an anthology of stories about space exploration and its many challenges, and is the author of MARS ABIDES: RAY BRADBURY'S JOURNEYS TO THE RED PLANET, a non-fiction look at Bradbury's Martian stories. His short stories have appeared in ANALOG SCIENCE FICTION AND FACT, AMAZING STORIES, and APEX magazines, and the anthologies FAR ORBIT APOGEE, TOUCHING THE FACE OF THE COSMOS, and DYSTOPIAN EXPRESS. He's also been published in the Russian SF magazine ESLI and China's SCIENCE FICTION WORLD. In the "real world," Dave is a retired television news producer. Dave lives in Louisville with his wife Dana, son Andy, Corgi/Jack Russell Terrier mix Ziggy Stardawg, and polydactyl cat Hemmie.
    Dave Creek

    I’ve pre-ordered Jason Sanford’s PLAGUE BIRDS and I’m eagerly awaiting it!

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