“Kaiju” Gets a Starred Review in Booklist

We’re still about six months out from the release of The Kaiju Preservation Society, but that doesn’t mean reviewers haven’t been getting their hands on it already — and loving it. I’m delighted to announce that Booklist has given Kaiju a coveted starred review, flagging it as being a book of particular note. The full review will be out in a couple of weeks (I’ll link to it when it goes up), but in the meantime I can say that it says the book is “wonderfully inventive” and that “this is Scalzi having a lot of fun.” And it’s true. I did have a lot of fun with this book. I hope you will have the same amount of fun — maybe more! — when you read it.

Remember also that you can pre-order Kaiju now so that when March 15 rolls around, you can start reading right away. Your local bookstore will almost certainly be happy to take your pre-order, as will any of the major online book retailers. Don’t wait! I mean, you can wait if you really want to. It’s fine. But if you don’t want to wait, then pre-ordering is the way to go.

More Kaiju news when it happens. Stay tuned!

— JS

18 Comments on ““Kaiju” Gets a Starred Review in Booklist”

  1. I’ll be buying this since I love your work, but my question… Is this book a standalone or the start of a new series?

    I ask because as a standalone it will go to the top of the reading pile. But as a series I buy, but wait for all the volumes to be out so I can pretty much read them through all at once.


  2. Is there going to be a special/limited/numbered edition of this one? I have enjoyed buying such editions of your previous books, and would be glad to add this one to the collection.

  3. Louis Sivo:

    Standalone, although I will note that waiting for a series to be completed is a very fine way for a series not to be completed, if enough people do it.

    Max H. Malcolm:

    Not at this point.

  4. I preordered it months ago, as soon as iBooks had it on the site. It will be a nice late winter/almost spring treat.

  5. Congratulations, John!

    And yay, Audible has a page for it! :-) Granted, I may get the ebook, depending on the narrator.

  6. I was sad when I posted this to my FB account (“The title is a winner for sure.”) and the cover photo wasn’t an option to display. 😢😢😢 If there’s something in your WPress settings that could be tweeked, hey, free advertising.
    Looking forward to it.

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