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I Love a Parade

Especially when I am in it! Because I am the literary guest of honor here at Dragon Con this year, I was put into the parade. I got into a Camaro convertable, sat on the back seat, and waved and smiled at the folks as we went by. As I understand it the parade route […]

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The Big Idea: Matthew FitzSimmons

Progress happens all the time, but when do we notice it, and as importantly, when do we stop noticing it? The dynamics of progress is something Matthew FitzSimmons has been thinking about for his novel Constance, and how we humans adapt to it… or don’t. MATTHEW FITZSIMMONS: My grandmother, Mary Eleanor Hughes, was born in […]

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Somehow the Pets Always Know

Sugar, having mysteriously divined that we’re about to head out on vacation for several days, has graciously made sure our clothes have sufficient cat hair on them even without her to provide it daily. Really, such a sweet cat. So giving. Also, yes, Krissy and I will be on our way to Dragon Con tomorrow, […]

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The Big Idea: Jaye Viner

In the journey to publication, Jane of Battery Park went through many incarnations — and so did the world into which it would eventually be released. Author Jaye Viner is here to talk about both. JAYE VINER: In high school I wrote a book report on Margaret Atwood’s Handmaid’s Tale. Because I’d read the book […]

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