View From a Hotel Window, 10/2/21

Construction site outside my window

I don’t necessarily post hotel window picture when I’m doing personal travel (because when I travel for myself, it’s not the Internet’s business), but this one is kind of fun: A full-blown construction site, with people working industriously and everything. Actually not all that loud — I suspect the windows here are well-insulated, and that dampens sound somewhat — and interesting to watch. In a year, the window I’m looking out of will have a view of a building wall, which is kind of a shame. But for now, I’m watching the digger pick up piles of dirt and move them around. Neat!

— JS

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  1. The Enterprise is flying though space. On the bridge, the crew attentively monitor their readouts. Suddenly, everybody’s head snaps back and then forward. Hair and faces are now dripping with water.

    Picard: “Data! Report!”

    Data: “We appear to have encountered a dampening field, Captain”.

  2. Are they expanding the hotel? Is it a completely different business/building going up? Do you know?

  3. One year for Father’s Day, my sister-in-law bought my brother a n afternoon an a quarry where he hot to spend hours driving huge diggers just for fun.

  4. For years it was a running joke:
    Whatever the convention hotel was for the Bouchercon mystery convention was always across the street from a major construction project.

  5. There seems to be construction vehicles parked in that lot. So, parking lot JUST for your non-obligatory window view photo.

  6. I love watching construction though I don’t necessarily love the results. I gotta wonder what that half circle disk object is on the sawhorses in the lower right corner.

  7. I was on my way back to the Heartland from Seattle one time with a rental truck full of nuclear particle accelerator parts and spent a night in a hotel next to some stockyard in Missoula, Montana. The noise of the cattle as well as the stench penetrated the walls right into my room like aliens that could move through any surface on Earth via some form of retched, evil osmosis. My God that was an awful night!

  8. Speaking of steam shovels, a character in the children’s show Bob the Builder is Roley the steam roller.

    The roller is actually diesel, but the archaic name is a fun part of our language.

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