Get Signed, Personalized Copies of “Kaiju” Through Subterranean Press

First: Hey, look, I got an ARC of The Kaiju Preservation Society today. Here it is with cat for scale. It’s always cool to get ARCs of one’s book, because it’s a nice physical representation of it. It’s convincing proof it doesn’t just exist in your head anymore. And yes, I’ll probably do an ARC giveaway soon. Just not this very second. Give me a few days.

Second: I’m working with my pals at Subterranean Press to get signed, personalized copies of Kaiju to folks when it comes out in March. Order the book through Subterranean, let them know what personalization you want if any (if you don’t it personalized, it will still be signed), and then just before the book comes out, I’ll go to the SubPress warehouse and sign all the things. Then they’ll ship them and they’ll show up at your door. Easy. Also, for those of you not in the US, SubPress will ship to your country, provided it’s currently accepting mail from the US (some places are not due to the pandemic or other reasons; check with your country about that).

This is, at the moment, the best and only way to get signed/personalized copies of Kaiju. In the future, and world events permitting, I’ll likely tour and/or do convention events, so there will probably be other opportunities. But then, we thought we’d be able to tour in 2020, too, and look where that got us. So, if you really want a signed/personalized copy of Kaiju, here you go. Get to it!

Here’s that link again. It’s to the SubPress announcement of the signing; the pre-order link is on that page.

More Kaiju news as it happens —

— JS

3 Comments on “Get Signed, Personalized Copies of “Kaiju” Through Subterranean Press”

  1. This would be very convenient, but I am going to pass for the moment. Hopefully you will be doing a tour that brings you to a bookstore in the Los Angeles area, and I always go to those signings just for the entertainment value.

    If I do make it to an in-person signing, I make it a point to buy the book at that store, as a thank-you to them for hosting your appearance.

    Tom –

  2. For those who have not been to one of John’s book signings and wonder about my remark above about “entertainment value” – I sent him a note many years ago that if he were not a writer, he could probably make a decent living as a stand-up comedian.

    Tom –

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