The End of a Tree

I mentioned before that the crabapple in front of our house had reached the end of its life this year; today brings the actual end as its (mostly already-dead) body is taken out and a new tree is brought in to take its place. I’m sad to see the crabapple go because for many years it was a lovely tree and a joy to see blossom and thrive; nevertheless its time had come and there was no way to save it. I’ll remember it in its beauty and wish it well in whatever afterlife awaits a good tree. The new tree has a lot to live up to, I’ll say that much.

— JS

12 Comments on “The End of a Tree”

  1. That’s too sad. It always makes me sad when a tree has to go, especially so for a fruit/blossom tree.

    If you have to pull the stump, use a chain, not a rope. A rope becomes a big rubber band that will snap that stump right into your vehicle.

    That new one looks a bit tired too. Hopefully it just needs water.

    Good luck on the planting.

  2. …I’m crying over a tree. I don’t know why, but I am… Maybe it’s the respect and care you give to Nature, that touches me… Regardless, fare thee well, dear Crabapple. Long live the New Guy…

  3. Are you replacing it with a fruit bearing tree? We were able to get fruit from our dwarf apple tree this year.

  4. It’s sad to loose a tree! I still mourn the big walnut that used to shade the west side of our house. I hope the new one thrives!

  5. I was hoping someone else would ask this question -I’m dying to know what kind of tree is replacing the crab apple. It kind of looks like it might be a weeping cherry?

  6. Arrrggghhhh, my comment ended up in the void. Or maybe I’m just really impatient. What kind of tree did you replace it with?

  7. You should save the wood and re-use it for adding a bit of sweetness to a fire or for smoking (If you don’t smoke food you could even give it as a gift for a neighbor who smokes (food that is): may be a cheeky way to get a care package in return).

  8. My grandmother was a gardener. Your hole has to be 3 times the cost of the plant. A $10 plant needs a $30 holes.
    How did you get the new tree in the car? And how did it get into the wheel barrow?

  9. Sad. The peak bloom photo shows what a beautiful tree it was.
    Best wishes for your new tree, whatever kind of tree it is.