Out For the Weekend

Here’s a happy dog with a stick to keep you company until I get back.

— JS

6 Comments on “Out For the Weekend”

  1. Funny how some dogs really love sticks, and other dogs live in the deep woods full of sticks and don’t care at all ~!!~

    have a nice fall weekend…

  2. butimbeautiful – Far south coast New South Wales Australia – Rose has two blogs, www.butimbeautiful.wordpress.com, and www.turnipsforbreakfast.wordpress.com. Enjoy!

    My dog is a stick enthusiast too.. always at the kindling basket!

  3. Hi, just finished Collapsing Empire. Thanks.
    So happy to find an author where I desire to proceed through their entire body of work.

  4. Great photo. This stick is a bit more manageable than the limb in the last photo you posted.

    These photos make me very happy. Thank you.

  5. at moments as this, is when I miss my cats most… with both of ’em it was golfballs rolled across my apartment’s hardwood flooring… funny thing it did not bother my downstairs neighbor because she had a cat of her own and started doing it too…

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