Daily Archives: October 12, 2021

Redshirts: The Tor Essentials Edition is Out Today

Surprise! I have a book out today! It’s the “Tor Essentials” edition of Redshirts, my Hugo and Locus Award-winning novel about a doomed spaceship crew trying to change their fate. What’s different about this edition from previous editions? 1. Slightly updated cover graphics! 2. A kind and lovely introduction by my friend (and Hugo, Locus […]

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The Big Idea: Marjorie B. Kellogg

As anyone who has ever written a near-future novel will tell you, the problem with that sub-genre is that “the future” keeps catching up with you in unexpected ways. Marjorie B. Kellogg can attest to that; while writing Glimmer, the world kept reminding her that the story she was creating was all too close to […]

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